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Energiser EZ630

Quick Overview

The electric fence energizer is the heart of the system & should be purchased according to the length of fence you require. All energizers are governed to a maximum of 10kv


-4 Joule energizer

-High voltage live line monitoring with alarm

-Gate (Auxiliary) monitoring with alarm

-Siren and Strobe connections

-Connectable to an armed response radio

-Easy to use on/off reset key

-Remote control option

-Battery backup

-Lightning and power surge suppression build in.



-Stored energy: 6J,

-Output energy 500ohm: 4J,

-Output Voltage max: 10KV,

-Output voltage min: 5kv,

-Backup time max: 8hrs,

-Backup time min: 4 hrs,

-Battery Volts: 12V,

-Battery Capacity: 2Ah,

-Mains power: 220vac,

-Pulse period: 1-1.5s,

-Pulse Width: 0.3ms, A

-larm delay: 4s,

-Siren time out: 4min,

-Fence wire 1mm Steel: 3km,

-Fence wire 1mm galv: 5km,

-Fence wire 2.2mm galv: 12km,

-Energiser width: 21.5cm,

-Energiser length: 33.5cm,

-Energiser height: 9.5cm,

-Energiser weight: 4kg app

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